• chevron_rightGolf Carts in the HOA ?
    Can you park your Golf Cart on HOA-Owned Property (like the grassy area of the pool entrance)? The answer is no. Golf carts are NOT PERMITTED on HOA Property.
    Are you allowed to drive your golf cart on public streets? Here's the official answer from the Town of Holly Springs:
    Please follow the link below for the Town of Holly Springs Laws regarding Golf Carts:
  • chevron_rightIssues With Mail Delivery in Woodcreek ?
    As of October, 2018, our mail carriers have been transferred to the Holly Springs Post office, and carry out mail from there. This is due to the rapid expansion of the Apex area, and the Apex Post Office has run out of room! Your mailing address and zip code are remaining the same. 
    If you are missing mail, receive mail that is not yours, had a package marked as delivered and its not there, please contact the Holly Springs Post Office Supervisor at 919-557-3508.
    As of October, 2021, the Postal Service has increased their delivery times as well: Your USPS mail is about to get slower and more expensive. What to know now - CNET
  • chevron_rightHOA Related Emergency ?
    What do I do if there is an HOA related emergency? Pool is locked, you cannot get into the clubhouse/lanai if you have a reservation, there is a leak or flood on HOA property?
    If you encounter any issues in Woodcreek, please contactFirstService Residential. Follow the prompts to leave an emergecny or "off-hours" message. Leave a detailed message with the community name, phone number and extent of the damage or concern. 
    For emergency fire or police or medical issues, call 911.
    Please note that FirstService Residential does not monitor any Facebook pages; please know that any comments, complaints, or questions will not be seen by them, and will not be acted on. 
  • chevron_rightArchitectural Requests
    Under Section 9 of the Declaration of Covenants regarding Architectural Standards, "No exterior construction, alteration, addition or erection or any nature whatsoever" is permitted without approval by the Board of Directors.  This includes, without limitation, fences, pools, tennis courts, trash corrals, exterior lighting, landscaping, trees, tree removal, tree houses and play equipment.
    The Architectural Committee is established to review homeowner requests and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors based on the Declaration of Covenants and the Guidelines.
    Do you need an ARC request for your current construction project? You probably do. The request is free, and only takes a few minutes for the initial submission. You are much better off putting in the request than starting the work, finding out its not in regulation, and have to spend even more money to change the existing project. In addition, you risk violations and fines if your project is in violation and is not corrected. 
  • chevron_rightClubhouse / Lanai Reservations
    How do I reserve the Lanai or Clubhouse?
    In order to reserve the Lanai and/or Clubhouse, your account must be in good standing and current. The appropriate forms must be completed and submitted to FistService Residential. 
  • chevron_rightCovenants, Conditions and Restrictions
    How can I find the Neighborhood Rules and Regulations?
    The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operation of the planned community as a non-profit corporation.